Get Started

Obtaining a Community Garden Plot can be a confusing task. Each local community has their own way of maintaining their waitlist for the garden.

Some community garden requirements for obtaining a plot include getting on a waitlist, move up the waitlist as plots become available, prove one's commitment in order to move up waitlist, must live near the neighbourhood and sign a membership agreement with rules.

Typically, the waitlist could have a long wait, but there are other ways to get involve with a local community garden. For more info, check out this link.

The first thing you can do is to research any community gardens that are within your neighbourhood. You are most likely to move up the list faster if you live near the area. Each community garden has their own way of organizing their waitlist. Contact the local community and ask them how their waitlist works and around how long it will take. Generally, most garden memberships are yearly-based and are renewed during November.

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