There are a number of other ways you can become involved in community gardens in Vancouver.

Make land available

Do you own some land that is currently under-utilized? Perhaps it would be a suitable site for a community garden. Community gardens can be located on:

Local Council owned land
State government owned land
Existing parks and playgrounds
Grounds of community centres and neighbourhood houses
Church grounds
Grounds of housing estates, government housing and other flats
New residential developments
Unused private land, particularly when neglected
Church grounds
Land owned by businesses
Land near railway tracks and stations
School, kindergarten and childcare centre grounds
Hospital and health care centre grounds

Community gardens come in all shapes and sizes, so both small and large sites can be viable. Providing land with long tenure is important to ensure community gardens are established with confidence of longevity. If you have some land that you would like to make available for a community garden, a good place to start is to talk to people in your local area and see if there is interest in the idea of a garden.

Gardens on non-City land
Gardens on City land
Gardens in City parks
Garden Centers