There are a number of other ways you can become involved in community gardens in Vancouver.

support a garden

All community gardens need people, infrastructure and equipment, garden inputs (such as compost and mulch) and some amount of income to survive and thrive. There are a number of community gardens already up and running in Vancouver.

You can support them by:

1. Volunteering your time to assist with gardening tasks or other activities associated with managing and promoting the garden

2. Donating equipment or garden inputs, such as grass clippings for compost, newspapers for sheet mulching, garden tools for working in the garden, or garden furniture for relaxing in. Make sure you check what a garden needs before making a donation!

3. Providing financial support to the garden through taking out a membership, making a donation, providing sponsorship, purchasing garden products and so on

4. Providing professional expertise of value to the garden on a pro bono basis Search the garden database to find a community garden you would like to support.

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